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NameLatitudeLongitudeAltitudeLengthGoogle Map
GANGES48.8500-123.50000 ft0 ft[Google Map]
Gatcho Lake52.9645-125.70660 ft0 ft[Google Map]
Germansen Lake55.6830-124.88433400 ft40000 ft[Google Map]
Ghost Lake51.3665-124.96070 ft0 ft[Google Map]
GILFORD ISLAND/ECHO BAY50.7667-126.48330 ft0 ft[Google Map]
GILFORD ISLAND/HEALTH BAY50.7000-126.60000 ft0 ft[Google Map]
Glacier Lake49.8722-122.4567960 ft13000 ft[Google Map]
Goat Lake48.0179-121.35090 ft0 ft[Google Map]
Gold Lake near Campbell River Vancouver Island49.9822-125.97471600 ft5000 ft[Google Map]
GOLD RIVER49.6833-126.11670 ft0 ft[Google Map]
GREAT BEAR LAKE66.7083-119.6833512 ft0 ft[Google Map]
GREEN LAKE51.4219-121.21423507 ft0 ft[Google Map]

     Showing 12 Places to Fly