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Fire Lake

Altitude3400 ft
Length14000 ft
[Google Map]
Com Freq122.8 Tipella Traffic

Ice is off varies a lot year to year, and can be off as late March or late the end of June.

Mid June 2011

Mid June 2012

May 15 2013

March 27 2015 - completely open, first landing March 17th along a strip of open water below fire mtn, ice around the island

April 26 2016 - enough open water to land, some ice and snow near the island and cabin

May 30 2017 - ice off

May 14, 2018 - ice off

A popular float pilot destination. Rowboat is normally at the cabin, but bring your own oars. Fishing can be good, and fire mountain is a good hiking destination. Ice back on the lake in early December most years. The area can be accessed by road, but its a long drive from Vancouver and the cabin is on an island, be prepared to swim to the island. There is a dock, and nose in beaching on the island, good enough for several floatplanes. There are several other spots on the lake with gravel beaches that could be used as a base.

There was a gold mine on Fire mountain near the turn of the century called the "Money Spinner Gold Mine", and you can see  some evidence of the mine workings, tramway, bull wheel, boiler, crusher, pelton wheel, dam, etc on Fire mountain, as well as recent drilling in the area. If you look at the government minfiles here there is more information.

Historical reference and some interesting BS here:


There are submerged rocks near the cabin and are often marked by a float, but the float can move or may not be there, best to not land right beside the island and land more to the middle of the lake. If the lake is calm you can often see the underwater rocks from the air, but if there are waves you may not be able to see them. Winds are often different the ends of the lake, especally when there are thermals on Fire mountain (which can be a good thermal generator). The dock was rebuilt in 2011 and is in good condition. Many thanks to all who helped with the dock rebuild and flying in materials.

Cabin Information

Run down but usable cabin on the island at the west end.

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